The City, VRBO, and NoiseAware are combining efforts to offer vacation rental owners a discounted NoiseAware sound monitoring system. VRBO and NoiseAware are offering Big Bear Lake Properties a 50% discount off the total retail price. The City Council authorized a $150 fee credit toward the Vacation Rental Licensing fee for owners who use an approved sound monitoring system. 

Considering that one noise violation can cost an owner/agent $500, this is a great value. The system will alert owners/agents via text when the noise level is exceeding the limit that may cause a neighbor to be disturbed by guests. Owners/agents can then contact the guests immediately and prevent the noise from escalating to a level that would prompt a complaint and visit from a Code Officer. This program is approved through September 20, 2022.

Remember, it is not the responsibility of the neighbors to monitor vacation rental properties for compliance. This is a great way for owners and agents to proactively monitor their properties remotely to maintain the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood. The approved systems are easy to install and can be set-up in less than 30 minutes.

3-steps to get your $150 fee credit:

  1. Purchase and install one of these approved systems. You must include at least one interior and one exterior noise monitor.
    1. NoiseAware (Get 50% off)
  2. 45-days prior to expiration of your license, you will be emailed a link to renew your license online. Simply upload a copy of your paid receipt for an approved sound monitoring system in the documents field during the online renewal process.
  3. When you are directed to the payment page, change the type of fee to “Miscellaneous”, enter “$400” and make the payment.

Resolution No. 2021-111

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