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We invite you to join the City of Big Bear Lake in taking the Clean Air Day pledge on October 6, 2021! 

California suffers from some of the worst air quality in the country. Collectively we have the power to change the world and can choose to do so in ways that help, not harm, all Californians. Join us in challenging yourself to create clean air in your community. There are many contributions you can make to better Southern California's air quality and it just takes a few minutes! Let's come together for California Clean Day 2021!


Why should you take the pledge? 
  • Air pollution has been linked to increased spread and impact of coronavirus and other respiratory disease.
  • We know air pollution causes serious health problems. Californians shoulder the burden of nearly 50% of them in the U.S.
  • Southern Californians went 85 straight days in 2019 without a single day of good air quality. 
  • 7 of the 10 most polluted cities in the U.S. are in California.

Examples of how you can contribute - BIG and SMALL!
Swap it out!
  • Cleaning products can contain nasty fumes that cause asthma, respiratory problems and more. Pledge switch to natural all-purpose cleaner.
  • Gasoline-powered yard tools don’t have the same emissions-reducing tech cars do, so they pump out high emissions in a short amount of time. Pledge to switch to electric- or hand-powered yard tools.
  • Instead of making several online purchases throughout the week, make your CleanAirDay pledge to place just one order every week to cut down on emissions from shipping.
  • On average, food travels 1,500 miles to get to our grocery stores. That’s 1,500 miles worth of freight emissions. Make your @CleanAirDay pledge to shop for locally-grown produce whenever possible.
  • Highways and roads are hot spots for pollution, so it’s critical that your car cabin air filter is regularly switched out. Make your @CleanAirDay pledge to regularly inspect and swap out your filter.
  • Skipping one serving of beef per week for a year saves the equivalent emissions to driving 348 miles in a car!
  • Switching to solar is a great way to help clean the air and save money. Combine solar power with driving an electric vehicle and you are basically running on sunshine!
  • A clean HVAC air filter uses less energy than a dirty one. Pledge to clean or replace the air filter in your home.
  • Our air quality determines our life expectancy. Installing an air quality monitor in your home will help you and your community make decisions to protect your health. Help us clear the air!
Plant something! 
  • Nature’s air purifier goes a long way in fighting air pollution: each year, trees prevent millions of respiratory symptoms and hundreds of thousands of school absences.
  • Trees are miracle workers: as nature’s air filters, they improve air quality and health across the state. But we don’t have nearly enough. CA’s urban centers have the lowest tree canopy per capita in the U.S. Pledge to plant a tree.
  • A few great reasons to plant a garden for #CleanAirDayCA:
    • Reduce emissions from shipping food thousands of miles
    • Enjoy a safe, relaxing activity while social distancing
    • Gardening can improve your emotional well-being
Reduce Vehicle Emissions! 
  • Every 10 minutes spent idling your vehicle releases 1 pound of carbon dioxide into the air. Pledge to turn it off!
  • Think you need your car to get your groceries? Cycling produces 0% of the emissions of driving alone. 
  • When air pollution improves, so does kids’ asthma. Pledge not to idle in the school pick-up line!
  • Transportation is the single biggest source of air pollution in California. On #CleanAirDayCA, give public transportation a try to clear the air and save yourself from traffic! 
  • Transportation is the single biggest source of air pollution in California. For #CleanAirDayCA, prevent toxic tailpipe emissions and #GoElectric!
  • Did you know? California roads are more crowded than ever in the afternoons? Share a ride and reduce traffic congestion while helping to clear the air and reduce Greenhouse Gas!

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