The City's current solid waste franchise agreement with Big Bear Disposal expires in June 2022, and City staff are currently working to identify potential solid waste service enhancements for consideration by the City Council in the coming months.

City staff are focused on reducing congestion at Clean Bear sites, improving the aesthetic appearance of the Clean Bear sites, ensuring that non-City residents pay their fair share for the use of Clean Bear sites, implementing new State requirements for organic waste, improving the effectiveness of curbside collection services, making it easier for our visitors to dispose of trash, and creating a better overnight visitor experience. With these goals in mind, City staff are currently evaluating the following potential changes:

  • a new traffic pattern for users of the Garstin Road Clean Bear site,
  • staffing at the City Hall Clean Bear site,
  • implementation of a new fee for non-City residents using the Clean Bear sites,
  • future relocation of the City Hall Clean Bear site,
  • regular collection of vegetative debris (limbs, pine needles, etc.),
  • implementation of standardized trash and recycling containers,
  • implementation of special, private-sector collection services for vacation rental units,
  • strategic implementation of temporary, "pop-up" Clean Bear sites on key days at key locations,
  • Sunday operating hours at the County transfer station,
  • expanded and/or mandated curbside collection services,
  • and more.

City staff will present concepts for initial City Council discussion at the December 6 meeting, with Council decisions anticipated later this winter. The effective date of any service changes will not occur until at least July 2022, and perhaps later.

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