The Rathbun Corridor Sustainability Plan was initiated by the City beginning in 2014 and it was presented to the City Council as complete in 2017. The plan is the culmination of significant outreach and public participation that crafted a vision for mobility and recreation within the Rathbun Creek area that included the improvements to the Moonridge Corridor as well as the development of the Rathbun Creek Trail system.

The Rathbun Creek Trail is several phases of trail development that is envisioned to transverse Rathbun Creek from the National Forest to Big Bear Lake. Phase I of the Rathbun Creek Trail is the section that runs from the vicinity of Elm Street North to Catalina Road, which was completed in 2021. Phase II of the Rathbun Creek Trail is proposed from the terminus of Phase I near Big Bear Boulevard and Catalina and will travel along the creek to the North connecting to the Alpine Pedal Path at Sandalwood Drive. Phase II is currently under design and is targeted for construction in Fiscal Year 2024-25. Phase III of the Rathbun Creek Trail is planned to run along Sonoma Drive beginning at the end of Phase I near Elm Street and Catalina Road to Moonridge Road. The conceptual plan includes considerations for future connection to the Lake as well as continuation to Sand Canyon, neither of which are contemplated within the current Five-Year CIP.


The Rathbun Creek Phase III alignment is proposed along Sonoma Drive from the intersection at Elm Street, along the creek alignment, and terminating where Rathbun Creek meets Moonridge Road. The alignment is partially on property owned by Big Bear Mountain Resorts, who is supporting this effort through the granting of an easement for this project.

The initial design for this project includes the construction of the trail alignment and the necessary appurtenant improvements as well as improvements along Sonoma Drive to facilitate the placement of the trail. Curb and gutter will be added along the west side of Sonoma Drive to provide a physical barrier between vehicular traffic and the trail. The trail is proposed to be 8’ wide and paved with colored concreate; with the toal footprint being 12’ wide to accommodate the necessary shoulders. A round rail fence will be installed on both sides of the trail. The concepts and plans also call for the placement of picnic benches, exercise equipment, and other amenities which will be considered after the initial construction of the trail.  It is important to note that the construction of the trail will require the removal of several trees.


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