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On Monday, January 11, 2021, City Council unanimously adopted an Urgency Ordinance pertaining to Vacation Rental Operations and Enforcement within the City of Big Bear Lake City limits. This Urgency Ordinance was adopted to more effectively prevent and resolve behavioral concerns associated with vacation rentals during the City's peak visitation season, which has now been exacerbated by an increase in visitation associated with COVID-19.

Please note, this is only an URGENCY Ordinance. City Council and staff will continue their comprehensive review of the Vacation Rental Program and will be discussing it more at length in upcoming City Council meetings, however, we are hopeful that these new provisions will carry-over into the new Vacation Rental Ordinance that will be presented to Council in the new future.

Urgency Ordinance      January 11, 2021 Staff Report - Tourism Management Department      City Manager Comments

Implementation of Urgency Ordinance:

  • New registrations and renewals applied for and paid for prior to 1/12 will be under the previous ordinance for calculation of occupancy, parking, bedrooms, ownership, etc.
  • New registrations and renewals applied for on or after 1/12 will be under the new regulations.
  • Properties eligible for a license will remain the same as currently allowed.
  • All license holders must comply with the following provisions by 1/15:
    • Spas/jacuzzis are NOT allowed to be used after 10 p.m. No exceptions.
    • A sign notifying guests that they cannot use the spa/jacuzzi after 10 p.m. must be visible near the spa/jacuzzi
    • Amplified noise restriction
    • All cars are to be parked on the property 24/7. Street parking is prohibited.
    • All check-ins must continue to be done in person
    • Daytime occupancy not to exceed max occupancy
    • Posting of requirements in unit
    • Agent or owner must be within a 30-minute drive from the property

Enforcement/Regulation Timeline

  • Beginning 1/30/21 - renewal inspections will use new owner & bedroom definitions, occupancy calculation, and parking requirements
  • Beginning 3/1/21 - you are required to include the City issued license/permit number (received after you pass your inspection) on all property advertisements. A $2,500 fine will be issued to any property owner that is advertising their vacation rental without the required permit/license number.
  • Beginning 3/1/21 - If you are operating your vacation rental without a City-issued permit, you will receive a $5,000 fine and can be potentially banned from the program.
  • Beginning 4/1/21 - owners/agents will need to be certified with the City. (Please note, this certification program is to be launched post-COVID and may be implemented at a later time due to COVID-19 restrictions)

For questions/comments/concerns, please email Larry Vaupel, Director of Tourism Management at