Snow Conditions


Our crews plow each street twice and usually more during a large storm. Our main goal is to ensure that City streets are cleared of snow in order to allow Fire, Paramedic, Sheriff and Utility response vehicles access. Please be patient during snow removal, as our crews are working as quickly as they can during inclement weather. Usually the streets are plowed straight through in the early morning leaving a berm along side of every driveway. Several hours after snow fall has ceased, the berm is reduced by a separate contractor with a specialized vehicle and snow blade.


In order for residents to receive berm reduction service, driveway openings must be clearly marked with brightly painted orange snow poles (3/4” in diameter). Berm reduction begins only after all streets are cleared and passable and snow fall has ceased. When 3-10 inches of snow has fallen, you can expect a berm reduction. As well as when 10-16 inches of snow has fallen, you can expect a berm reduction. However in very severe weather conditions (16”+ inches), this service may not be provided until 24-72 hours after the snow fall has ceased.


If possible, wait until the second snow plow passing to start shoveling your driveway. It is recommended to shovel snow to the right side of the driveway (facing the street).


Place garbage cans behind the property line & berm when setting out for pick-up. When garbage cans are left too close to the roadway, snowplows may have to go around them leaving some areas unplowed.


Sprinkler systems, block walls and expensive shrubs are not visible as the snow gets deeper. Snow removal crews cannot always see these obstacles near the roadway. Snow plowing usually occurs before daylight. To help our crews, mark fences and obstacles with 6’ x 2” x 2” stakes, painted red at the top.


The City of Big Bear Lake’s Code states that any vehicle interfering with snow removal operations may be towed and subjected to a fine of $150, plus any additional applicable fines for any towing and impound charges and illegal street parking fees. Every effort will be made to avoid towing, but in the event the vehicle needs to be towed, for example when dangerously parked, towing shall be enforced.


When snow conditions are in effect, free overnight parking is available at two City parking lots located at 39707 Big Bear Blvd., known as the West Civic Center Parking Lot, and at the Alden Parking Lot located at 547 Alden Road, east of Sandy’s Sports Bar.


If your property is damaged during snow removal or cinder spreading operations, it will be in your best interest to obtain the date of occurrence, time and exact location, vehicle description, driver’s name (if possible) and pictures of the damage.

Claim forms can be found on the City Clerk page of the City’s website at Be sure to include copies of written estimates of damage and photographs, if possible. Mail to the City Clerk’s Office at P.O. Box 10000, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.


Municipal Code Section 10.12.040

Snow conditions may be declared by the City Manager or his appointee whenever there is one inch of snow or ice on any part of the paved portion of any street, and a buildup of snow or ice is expected to continue to a point where the snow level will exceed six inches. Snow conditions exist and the provisions of this chapter shall apply and shall remain in effect until the City Manager or his appointee declares a cessation of snow conditions. Whenever possible, the City Manager or his appointee shall give notice of such snow conditions by press, radio or television, which news media shall be requested to cooperate with city officials in the giving of such notice. (Ordinance 96-274 (part), 1996; Ordinance 93-237 § 1 (part), 1993)

24-Hour Snow Removal Hotline at (909) 752-2830 or visit

For general information on snow removal, berm reduction and current snow conditions 

Call the City’s 24- Hour Hotline

To speak with a representative regarding snow removal and berm reduction issues 

Call (909) 866-7521

For code enforcement related issues such as land use and property maintenance

Call the Code Enforcement’s 24-Hour Hotline at (909) 866-2633

Listed Below are Emergency & Important Phone Numbers




(909) 866-0100


(909) 866-7566


(909) 866-4678


(909) 866-6501


(909) 866-7521


(877) 860-6020


(909) 866-5050

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City of Big Bear Lake Public Works Department

39707 Big Bear Blvd.
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315

(909) 866-7521

The City of Big Bear Lake owns, operates and maintains three beautiful parks within our city limits.

SAN BERNARDINO, California, June 30, 2017 –The San Bernardino National Forest is happy to announce that the eastern section of the Alpine Pedal Path will be reopened just in time for the Independence Day holiday weekend starting June 30 through July 5.

As part of the ongoing Alpine Pedal Path Improvement Project, the eastern section of the Pedal Path, from Stanfield Cutoff to North Shore Lane (across from the Serrano Campground entrance) has been completely repaved and widened to a consistent 12’ width to better accommodate all of the pedestrians and cyclists that visit the Path. We encourage you to come check out the newly renovated section of the Path for yourself as well as the two new bridges that were replaced last fall.

Construction on the east end of the Pedal path (Stanfield Cutoff to North Shore Lane) is approximately 95% complete and this section will only need to be closed intermittently on weekdays beginning July 6 through July 14.

Construction on the west end of the Pedal Path (the Serrano Section, from North Shore Lane to North Shore Lane) will commence July 6 and continue through August 31. The Serrano Section of the Path will be open Saturdays and Sundays through the construction period. Please be aware that during the construction period, the Alpine Pedal Path will have a rough unpaved surface not suitable for beginner cyclists, narrow tires, or those with limited mobility.

Ongoing construction projects related to undergrounding of utilities along Big Bear Boulevard will be put on a hold for the July 4th Holiday. No work will be done June 30th through July 6th.

To assist with the increased traffic during peak times on the fourth of July, from 9:00 pm to 12:00 am, the City of Big Bear Lake in conjunction with the Sheriff’s Department, Fire Department, California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Caltrans have devised a plan to better accommodate the flow of traffic. This new plan will enhance visitor and resident experience for the annual “Fireworks Spectacular over the Lake.”


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