16 0223 Snow Removal

Residents and visitors can call our Snow Removal Hotline at (909) 752-2830 to receive updates on road conditions and when snow conditions on City streets are called in to effect. 

Our crews plow each street twice and usually more during a large storm. Our main goal is to ensure that City streets are cleared of snow in order to allow Fire, Paramedic, Sheriff and Utility response vehicles access. Please be patient during snow removal, as our crews are working as quickly as they can during inclement weather. Usually the streets are plowed straight through in the early morning leaving a berm along side of every driveway. Several hours later the berm is reduced by a separate contractor with a specialized vehicle and snow blade. 


Residents and visitors can call (909) 866-CODE (866-2633) to report such nuisances as land use issues, property maintenance, trespassing, noise, overcrowding and parking issues or issues related to Private Home Rentals. Code Compliance Officers are responsible for enforcing such matters to provide safety and attractiveness in Big Bear Lake. This is a non-emergency line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For emergencies, citizens should call local law enforcement at 9-1-1.

NE 16 0223 BuriedCables

Underground Service Alert encourages you to call before you dig in your yard or at your business.

You may not be aware of where utility or gas lines are located and calling beforehand may help prevent loss of life, injury and/or damage to your property! Visit call811.com for more info.

Local companies will visit your location for free to assist with marking lines. Visit digalert.org and input the information on-line for single address excavations or dial 811 at least 2 working days before starting your work. This will ensure compliance with State law, Government Code Section 4216.9(a), which states "No permit to excavate issued by any local agency, ... or any State agency, shall be valid unless the applicant has been provided an initial inquiry identification number by a regional notification center ...".

NE 16 0223 CommunityGarden

Yes, Big Bear has a Community Garden, actually two of them. Our first location, “China Gardens”, is located at 42050 Fox Farm Road, Big Bear Lake.  It boasts 46 individual raised beds, over 700 sq. feet of food pantry growing area and 7 fruit trees.  Fox Farm street side shows off the DWP Xeriscape Demonstration Gardens. 

NE 16 0223 PerformingArts

The Big Bear Lake Performing Arts Center is a 400-seat, state-of-the-art theater. The Center promotes and encourages performing arts, including events and programs designed to take advantage of the full range and flexibility of the Center. It also develops community outreach programs and unique opportunities for individual performers, as well as for broad segments of the community through their direct involvement in community theater presentations. In addition, the City sponsors special events by major artists.

Want to see a dramatic play, concert or musical?  Call the Box Office for a current list of events at (909) 866-4970 or buy tickets on-line.


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