What is the Census? 

Every 10 years, America comes together to count every resident in the United States, creating national awareness of the importance of the census and its valuable statistical information. The decennial census counts our population and households, providing the basis for reapportioning congressional seats, redistricting, and distributing federal funds on an annual basis to support vital programs within our community and state at large. 

The next Census is in spring 2020. Let’s ensure all are counted so we can put those resources to good use here in Big Bear Lake! 

Why does the Census Matter? 

Census data will determine the allocation of over $675 billion in federal funds to:

  • Improve our local schools 
  • Fund affordable housing projects
  • Increase childcare and social assistance programs 
  • Create business opportunities 
  • Expand health services at the local level 

How Can I respond? 

Invitations to complete the Census questionnaire have been mailed, but unfortunately, questionnaires are NOT mailed to a PO Box - which is how the majority of us in the Big Bear Valley get our mail. For the first time in Census history, however, the Census Bureau will be accepting responses online. Be sure to complete your questionnaire ASAP. To learn more about the 2020 Census, please visit: https://2020census.gov/

Is My Personal Information Safe & Secure?

The information you provide for the Census is safe & secure and is ONLY used to generate statistics. The information collected CANNOT and WILL NOT be shared with law enforcement agencies or immigration and cannot be used to determine your eligibility for government benefits. 

You will NOT be asked to share the following information:

  • Social Security number
  • If you are an American Citizen or your immigration status
  • Political party affiliation 
  • Your credit card or bank account numbers 

Reporting Suspected Fraud

If you suspect fraud, please call 800-923-8282 to speak with a Census Bureau Representative. If it is determined that the person who came to your door claiming to work for the Census Bureau is not who they say they are, please contact local law enforcement. 

Want to Earn Extra Income & Support Your Community?

The Census Bureau is recruiting for various positions to assist in the 2020 count. Learn more and apply online at 2020census.gov/jobs

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