The Tourism Management Department regularly publishes data and reports that may be of interest to vacation rental owners, agents, and the general public. The department values transparency and will make all information available that is not confidential, proprietary, or otherwise prohibited to be released by law.

With the launch of new concern-tracking and registration software, it is easy for staff to share interesting data and build reports relating to the vacation rental program. Subscriptions to Airdna and visitor demographic software allow staff to compile and share data relating to visitor traffic and vacation rental occupancy and revenue. Year-over-year comparisons of vacation rental supply, demand, and visitation can help policy makers, businesses, and property owners make informed decisions.

Compliance Reports will be enhanced over time as more data becomes available. These reports provide information relating to reported concerns at vacation rental properties and analysis of the data. The reports are provided in a quick summary format as a PDF and in an excel spreadsheet so users can perform their own analysis. These reports are published monthly toward the end of the every month. Further Action Reports provide a list of poor performing properties that require additional action from staff such as a Revocation Hearing, a suspension of license, and conditions being placed on the license. This report will be updated regularly.