For more information on snow removal, berm reduction, current snow conditions and where to purchase specially marked snow poles for private driveways, call our Snow Removal Hotline at (909) 752-2830 (accessible 24 hours a day).

The City of Big Bear Lake provides snow removal and berm reduction services for City residents only. When the City declares snow conditions, residents should keep the following in mind:

  • Always park vehicles OFF the road or street right-of-way (non-compliance could result in a $150 fine & tow)
  • Shovel snow in driveways to the right side (as you face the road)
  • Keep roads clear of all snow tools & devices used for shoveling
  • Place garbage cans behind property line & berm when setting out for pick-up
  • Mark driveway entrances with specially marked snow poles
  • Keep small children inside when snow equipment is in your neighborhood
  • Mark fences with 6' x 2" x 2" stakes, painted red at the top
  • Whenever possible, wait to clear driveways until snowplow has passed
  • Do not let children build igloos or caves in the snow banks near streets

If you are not a resident in the City of Big Bear Lake, the following is a list of local #'s to assist you in obtaining snow removal or plowing information in your area*:

  • Big Bear City or Fawnskin, call (909) 866-2167.
  • Baldwin Lake, Erwin Lake and Sugarloaf, call (909) 387-5940.
  • State Highway Information, call CalTRANS at (909) 866-4316.

* please note the City of Big Bear Lake cannot be responsible for any outdated information or changes in numbers for other agencies


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