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bbmwd    The Municipal Water District is an independent special district of the State of California, responsible for the overall management of Big Bear Lake.

This is accomplished in several ways:

  • Stabilization of the level of Big Bear Lake by managing the amount of water released to the downstream water rights holder
  • Watershed/Water Quality Management
  • Recreation Management
  • Wildlife Habitat Preservation and Enhancement
  • Bear Valley Dam and Reservoir Maintenance

The primary goal of the MWD is the stabilization of Big Bear Lake at as constant a water level as possible, given the availability of water and financing.  A more constant lake level increases recreational opportunities, stabilizes property values, improves water quality, aesthetic benefits, and supports a healthier fish and wildlife environment.

The mission of Lake Stabilization is accomplished through the implementation of a comprehensive water management plan that includes controlled lake releases combined with a water purchase contract to provide water to the water rights holder while minimizing demand on the reservoir.

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